Tools to Bring

Any time you're taking a class, whether or not the instructor provides tools and materials, it's a good idea to bring your favorite things.

I will always have a good assortment of textures, cutters, props, and consumables (like sandpaper), but I'm sure you have some 'go-to' tools that will make you feel more confident as you create.

If you'd like to start a small collection before you arrive - these are the ones I consider standard to any kit:

#3 synthetic water color brush
6" PVC pipe roller (1.5" - 2" diameter)
Sharp, thin pin tool (I use an actual dressmakers pin)
An assortment of salon and emery boards
A small water container/cup/mister
Spacers (like playing cards or slats)
Badger Balm or other natural lubricant

I sell most of these items, so if you'd like to wait to buy what you liked using in class - you can do that too.

Of course if you have favorite texture makers, molds, or other decorating materials - bring them! That's how you make a project (designed by an instructor with a strong design voice) look like your own work.

I highly recommend that no matter what the status of your eyesight is - you bring magnifiers! Either visors or a pair of reading glasses that will fit over your 'regular' glasses.

For more ideas on helpful tools, check out the 'Tools' page on my other blog.

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