Studies At The Studiolo

This year, 2017, I'm offering two spring workshops for new and emerging metal clay artisans, and one summer workshop for more experienced students. 

Classroom at The Studiolo

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Spring Studies

Metal Clay Immersion:
All The Tips You Need To Know*
*To begin your metal clay career

May 6, 7, 8
3-day workshop
Skill Level:  Novices and Absolute Beginners
Class limited to 7 students 
Clay Body Used: Base and .960 Silver Clay
Class Fee: $375.00
Materials Fee: $75.00
Payment Due: March 1, 2017

If you’re brand new to the world of metal clay, or if you’ve already dipped a toe in the waters and want to learn more or refresh your memory, this workshop will teach you all the essential techniques you’ll need to confidently work with metal clay.

Spend the first day mastering the basics using base metal clay, then break out the silver to make a ring, set stones, and form a bead. The techniques we’ll cover are: reduction rolling, two sided texturing, re-hydrating, making slip, constructing bails, joining parts, rolling calibrated coils, forming tiny granulation balls, sanding, piercing, making a custom texture sheet, altering commercial textures to create a unique surface, cutting simple shape-templates, making molds and more. Gain a thorough understanding of other metal clay products such as paper/sheet, syringe, slip and oil paste.

You’ll be able to venture into any advanced workshop with the skills acquired in this workshop.

Through discussion, sketching, and time spent in self-exploration, you’ll begin to tap into your own creative ‘voice’ to learn how to bring your unique style to any project. Discover the secrets to project planning, layout, and how to use available objects as construction forms and tools.

Bring your own collection of tiny treasures to use for micro molds (decorative head pins, shells, buttons, etc.) and learn how to produce a collection of small elements that you can use to embellish any design.

Materials Fee covers sanding and finishing supplies, two sheets of Teflon, slip container, polishing pads, molding material, rolling devices, other disposables/consumables, and handouts. Tool kits, commercial textures, cutters and templates, spacers, and other necessary working tools will be available to borrow.

I suggest you plan on bringing one 50g package of Goldie mid bronze clay and one 45g PMC One Fire Sterling. A detailed materials list will be emailed after registration.


Make Your Mark:
Developing a textural vocabulary

June 2, 3, 4, 5
4-day workshop
Skill Level: All Levels are welcome, some experience with metal clay will be a plus
Class Limited to 7 students
Clay Body Used: .960 Silver Clay
Class Fee: $460.00
Materials Fee: $50.00
Payment Due: April 1, 2017

"I'll never use commercial textures again" Stephany Pishko

Begin to develop a signature style as you create a little library of original texture sheets, molds, and stamps.

Start the workshop with two days of arts and crafts as you make texture sheets by utilizing motifs and designs that are especially meaningful to you to manufacture a variety of textures that are re-producable and long lasting. The techniques we'll cover include carving stamps, burning Photopolymer Plates, and etching tear-aways. Then experiment with a simple way to cut custom shape-templates that will compliment the theme of the textures.

The focus of this workshop will be on making textures, but what then?

During the following two days, we'll make three more plaques and decorate them with the 'direct to clay' techniques of water etching, clay carving and slip printing. You'll have the option of using your new texturing materials to fabricate a series of nesting plaques that can be linked into a Victorian inspired bracelet.

"Homework" sent a month in advance of the workshop will show you how to narrow your focus to discover the artistic style you're already attracted to, and offer suggestions on how to alter those designs into the strict black and white imagery that is necessary for our projects.  Participants will be requested to bring a variety of print-ready art to the workshop. In addition to altering copyright free images, students may also use their own drawings, doodles, and sketches. The instructor will also have a selection of art to share.

The materials fee covers PPP's, polymer clay, carving tool, rubber block, linoleum block, glossy paper, transparency 'paper', copy services, sanding and finishing materials, and other consumables. Tool kits, cutters, spacers, bead formers, and other necessary working tools will be available to borrow.

I suggest you plan on bringing at least 45 grams of .960 silver clay. A detailed materials list will be emailed after registration.


Summer Studies

Hinged Treasure Box

July 7, 8, 9
3-day workshop
Skill Level: All Levels are welcome, experience with metal clay will be a plus
Class Limited to 7 students
Clay Body Used: .960 Silver Clay
Class Fee: $375.00
Materials Fee: $45.00
Payment Due: May 1, 2017

Develop dry construction techniques, create precise joinery, and learn a variety of hinge and catch making styles as you design a unique table top Treasure Box.

You'll work with a number of traditional jewelry making tools, like saws and burrs, to form a circular shaped container with a matching domed lid. After construction of the box, decorate the surface with a water etched design and flush set faceted stones.

The Hinged Treasure Box will teach a number of skills that are required in the Master's Registry projects.

To register for Studies at the Studiolo, please email Lora directly to reserve a space. The workshop and the materials fee will be due 2 months in advance of the class (exact date listed in class details). The fee may be split into two payments upon request. Cancellations up to a month in advance of the class will be refundable in part. Full refund (minus a $50.00 registration fee) will be offered if your space can be filled by another student. Detailed information about your chosen workshop will be sent after your check is received.

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