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In the 'Glass Room" at VisArts

Thank you for visiting my class postings. My name is Lora Hart and I'm a Senior Instructor with PMC Connection.  If you're not sure what metal clay is, please view the page above.

Most of my classes are held in Richmond Virginia, both in my private Studiolo (little studio) and at The Visual Arts Center of Richmond (VisArts).

VisArts regularly schedules evening and weekend classes, and you can see specifics at their website. Registration is handled directly by them.

Intensives and multi day workshops are held at The Studiolo and registration is handled by me via email. See 'Studies at The Studiolo' above for the current schedule.

PMC Connection Certification classes are also held at The Studiolo, but listed separately. See the page above, for the current schedule. Registration is taken over the phone by PMC Connection in Dallas, Texas.

I'm happy to answer any questions about my classes specifically and metal clay in general, so please don't be shy about contacting me